Monday, September 19, 2011

Menu Plan for the week of 9/19 -


Breakfast - Leftover HM pancakes with HM apple butter (will post soon)
Lunch - PB&J & fruit

To Do: Mix up dumplings before bed and freeze for dinner Tuesday.


Breakfast - HM Apple/Oatmeal muffins using Plain Muffin recipe, (use 1/2 cup sugar, sub in 1 cup oatmeal for flour + 1 grated apple)
Lunch - Leftovers from Nachos (as taco salad)
Supper - Chicken & Dumplings (chicken in the crockpot, add dumplings once home)


Breakfast - Leftover muffins
Lunch - PB&J, fruit
Supper - Leftovers

To do: Bake bread


Breakfast - Smoothies or oatmeal
Lunch - PB&J, fruit
Supper - Baked potatoes in crockpot, cube steak, green beans/corn

To Do: Bake chocolate chip cookies, assemble ingredients for soup


Breakfast - Cinnamon toast / chocolate milk using HM chocolate syrup
Lunch - PB&J or steak sandwich from leftovers
Supper - Hamburger soup


Breakfast - Surprise muffins or blueberry muffins
Lunch - Hu Hot with fam!
Supper - Snacks - having a big lunch


Breakfast - Bacon or sausage, biscuits, hashbrowns
Lunch - Making early dinner - spaghetti - so college girl can leave in good time, french bread, make some pocket sandwiches or roll ups with one loaf of dough
Supper - Snacks - late lunch / early dinner

To Do: Mix up muffins or get smoothie ingredients ready for morning.

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