Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Menu Plan for week of 3/21


Breakfast:  Leftover HM biscuits, cereal, chocolate chip pumpkin bread (gift)

Lunch:  PB sandwich, banana

Supper:  BBQ Boneless chicken on the grill (from the freezer), baked shoestring fries & onion, leftover greenbeans and corn (from Sunday nights supper of Smoked Turkey (from the freezer) with HM rub seasoning, baked potatoes, crusty french bread, seasoned green beans and corn)


Breakfast:  Leftover HM biscuits, cereal, chocolate chip pumpkin bread (gift)

Lunch:  Smoked Turkey Sandwich (leftover turkey from Sunday), strawberries,

Supper:  Taking daughter #2 prom dress shopping so we're eating at Culvers.  Leftovers for Dad

Next day prep:  Mix up apple/oatmeal muffins using plain muffin recipe from http://www.hillbillyhousewife.com/ (subbing 1 cup oatmeal for 1 cup flour and adding in one grated apple) for baking Wednesday morning.

WEDNESDAY (make up some 5-minute a day bread dough for Thursday supper):

Breakfast: Apple/oatmeal muffins (mix up the night before so ready to bake in the AM)


Supper:  Home alone so I'm having tuna casserole.  Haven't had that in years!  Will post how it goes.


Girls night / American Idol

Breakfast:  Leftover muffins, cereal, or cinnamon toast & chocolate milk (using HM chocolate syrup)


Supper:  Besh Goulash Ever  or spaghetti (w/ my niece coming over to join us)

Dessert:  Maybe some homemade strawberry icecream  We had homemade chocolate pudding instead!  It was so yummy!

Thursday night prep:  Mix up dry ingredients for oatmeal and get other ingredients/pan out and ready to go.


Breakfast:  Try peanut butter baked oatmeal recipe found on http://www.lynnskitchenadventures.com/ (get most of recipe ready the night before - to just mix together and bake in the AM)

Lunch:  Maybe leftover tuna casserole

Supper:Chili in the crockpot


Breakfast:  Blueberry biscuits (trying new recipe)

Lunch:  HM Pizza

Supper:  Hopefully friends coming over for Supper:  Bacon dogs, hot dogs, other finger foods.




Supper:  Parmesan chicken, pasta, salad, and french bread

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