Monday, July 31, 2017

Tastes of Summer - Garden Tomato Sandwich on Homemade Bread

Slices of hot, buttered toast using homemade sandwich bread + juicy, garden ruby-red orbs of deliciousness a/k/a "garden tomatoes"  = one amazing summer lunch!

Tomato sandwiches!!  YUM!!

Not only do I LOVE summer for sandy beaches, hot concrete under my bare toes, and shorts & flipflops.  I also love summer for the abundance of fresh garden food!  Last week it was peaches and this week, we are popping at the seams with garden fresh tomatoes!

Lucky are we that my husband's uncle lives in our neighborhood and that he has a bumper crop of garden goodies!  He leaves garden goodies all over town!  For us, we find bags of red, plump tomatoes, dark green zucchini, cucumbers and peppers hanging on our front door while we are at work. Rolling into the driveway, we can see that "Jerry's been here!"

Yesterday, I put a loaf of our everyday white, sandwich bread (RECIPE HERE) in the oven with plans of eating it for breakfast as toast, slathered in my beloved and newly canned Peach Preserves.

Fast forward to this morning as I was checking for overripe vegetables/fruits and I just couldn't get past some perfect summer tomatoes screaming at me from the counter.  

I once had a favorite farm blog , FARM GIRL FARE, and the Susan described a day full of gardening, feeding beloved farm animals, and breathing in the fresh air that I craved from inside my office.  Susan's blog was a window into another world for me.  But, what I WAS able to do was eat what she was eating.  Often that came in the form of a tomato sandwich on thick slices of homemade bread.  Is there really any better way to eat homemade bread and garden fresh tomatoes?  I think not!

Anyway - there are lots of ways people eat tomato sandwiches.  On homemade bread or store bought bread, on toast or soft sandwich bread that sticks to the roof of your mouth when you eat it; with mayo or butter; with meat like turkey, ham, or bacon - or no meat at all.  My preference is always toasted homemade sandwich bread, buttered, with slices of salted tomatoes.  That's it!    

Don't forget to make time for garden tomato sandwiches this summer!  Summer will be gone in a blink so find your favorite bread, your favorite spread and some thick slices of tomatoes and make a sandwich AT HOME YOUR WAY!




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