Thursday, February 19, 2015

Easy Crochet Slippers and Keeping Warm in February

Do you think I have fallen off of the Earth?  Well, I promise that I haven't.  Just cold days here in Missouri (misery) with little desire to do much other get home from work and stay in my rut.  I haven't been trying many new recipes as winter just makes me want to operate on auto pilot ..... be cozy, comfortable, WARM, and eat things I know I can make.

I've done a little cooking - making things like:

(which was DELICIOUS - I should make this more often)

(One can never go wrong making this pie!)

(for my freezer - for fast lunches - a favorite)

I tried a new pattern for crochet slippers.  I absolutely LOVE making these slippers (I've made three pairs so far).  I made some for my mom.  Hers are the orange pair; made some for my sister-in-law, who requested a bright color so her's are aqua, and some for me - which are gray- my favorite color these days - probably because it's winter, it's gray (I want to be in Florida where it's not gray), and, well...  I feel gray LOL.   

Anyway, the pattern can be found HERE at MAMMY MADE.  It's a free pattern so go try it out!  (Remember to check out her rules for use of the pattern.)

They are easy and unbelievably were the first slipper crochet pattern I've been able to make where both slippers turned out the same size.   I will be making lots more of them for gifts for my friends and family.  Hoping they like slippers LOL. 

Here's how I made them AT HOME MY WAY:

Easy Crochet Slippers

  • Crochet Pattern found HERE by MAMMY MADE
  • Red Heart Super Saver Yarn (white and another color)
  • I just searched Pinterest for a flower pattern and attached with a small button.
  • I crocheted these using two strands of yarn.  I like the stability that provides to the slippers.
Notes:  I made the first pair exactly like the pattern.  I then figured out how to decrease rows, etc. to make the pattern smaller for my foot and because I like my slippers tight like a sock.  It will be easy to reduce the size of this slipper by decreasing the amount of stitches at the beginning and making less rows for small adult or youth sizes.  What a versatile and easy pattern!  My choice place for making these is on the ride to work  (my husband and I carpool so I get to have a driver).

This is a great first slipper pattern, or it was for ME! My mom and sister-in-law both loved theirs.  We have washed them in the washing machine with other clothes and dried them in the drier.  They wash up GREAT!  

What a fun project!  Perfect for yourself or for gift giving!  

for this great and free crochet pattern!




  1. I'm so glad you liked the pattern <3 Adele @ Mammy Made x

  2. Love those slippers:) Enjoy your day dear friend, HUGS!



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