Thursday, June 12, 2014

Homemade Baby Gifts - Burp Cloths/Burp Rags

Seems like everyone I know is having babies!  And there is no better sewing project than a baby gift.

I made these burp cloths (we call them "burp rags" LOL) for my niece.  She had her baby in January.  I have gotten lots of complements on these and since they were so well received, I wanted to post a picture.  

I have also made another set of burp cloths/rags for another niece who was pregnant (and has since had HER baby).  I see the parents and grandparents giving these burp rags lots of use so I know they are handy and durable!

The first pinterest pins I saw for burp cloths were made with cloth diapers and I was going to make those because they were also adorable.... but I saw how much $$$ cloth diapers cost.  Adding the cost of the fabric.  Eek!  I was THRILLED to see this pin for making them out of flannel or cotton and a new bath towel.  I loved the idea.  

The towel I bought was less than $4 at Walmart.  Woo hoo! Lots cheaper than cloth diapers.

I found the instructions at a blog called Life, Crafting, and Substitute Teaching. The post and instructions are HERE.

Tabitha's burp rags look way  more professional than mine. They are such pretty colors and I just love them.  I found a very limited selection of flannel at our local Hobby Lobby and I got my fabric there.  I have since discovered the MOTHERLOAD of flannel at JoAnn's Fabrics (which I LOVE)!  A few weeks later I found a local Quilt Shop in our area.  Holy Toledo!  I love shopping for fabric!

Anyway, Read Tabitha's WONDERFUL instructions. Her pictures are so helpful.  I didn't make my burp cloths the exact same size as hers.  I altered the size just a little to get nine equal sized burp cloths out of the bath towel.  But the idea is the same.

(Make sure you press after turning them.  That makes top stitching so much easier.)  I used a zigzag stitch for my top stitching and they look pretty snazzy!  My new sewing machine even has fancier stitches so I can't wait to make the next batch.

These make a terrific gift for new moms!  You can roll them up and tie them with ribbon for a great presentation.  I placed mine in a new covered rubbermaid container for gifting.  No one can ever have enough of those things!

NOTE:  My sister-in-law even mentioned that she was going to make some of these for the patients at her mom's nursing home, using adult fabrics, etc.  What a wonderful idea!

Here's how I made Burp Cloths out of a bath towel AT HOME MY WAY:

Burp Cloths from a Bath Towel

  • 3/4 yard each of two patterns of flannel (cotton will also work but flannel keeps from sliding off of your shoulder) (I bought a little extra fabric than Tabitha called for since I live a LONG way from a fabric store.)
  • 1 regular size new bath towel 
  • Thread
  • Scissors

Cut the towel into pieces the size for your burp cloths.  I first cut the towel into strips to equal even thirds.  I then cut each strip into three burp cloths.

Cut flannel the exact same size as each burp cloth.

Pin together - right sides together.

Sew, leaving an opening at one end to turn.

Trim corners and turn.  

Press, pinning the opening.

Top stitch all the way around.

Ta-da!  You're done!




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