Saturday, July 27, 2013

Garden Update - July 27, 2013

We spent the day moving my older daughter.  She bought her first home last week.  Pretty exciting stuff but also lots of hard work!  The place is an adorable bungalow type house and it just needs a little paint and a good cleaning.  We moved her stuff into our box trailer until we can get the house move in ready.  Here she is with the new place:

Needless to say, I haven't done much cooking this weekend!

I did get a chance to go down to my garden and take a look-see.  It's SLOWLY coming to life.  I have lots of green tomatoes; definitely  I see lots of cherry tomatoes in my future!  I better get the Homemade Ranch Dressing ready!

I picked a few things.  Nothing grand and worthy of canning or a feast, but I'll take it, considering my harvests are usually small and they are prone to being gobbled by turtles, groundhogs, and deer!  Here is a few goodies that I picked tonight. 

I think I have enough for a small batch of green beans.  I think I'm baking a ham tomorrow so those garden fresh green beans with some new potatoes will be very tasty!  Probably I will also make a batch of Schoolhouse Rolls. For dessert, I'm craving pecan pie, so I might make that ... or a Homemade Oatmeal Pie (which is like pecan put but without the nuts) if I don't have any pecans.

I have lots of little yellow blooms on my cucumbers!  I sure am hoping for enough for bread and butter pickles as they are my favorite!

I did get something out of my garden tonight that I'm awfully excited about this year.  I had a few onion plants that came back to life this spring after they got left in the garden last winter.  I'm saving the seeds from these beautiful blooms.  See the black specks in the green bowl?  Those are onion seeds.  It will be exciting to see if I can get onions to grow from my very own seed next year.

Definitely after a day of moving and cleaning, I am ready for a day of rest! 

Enjoy your Sunday! 



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