Friday, September 20, 2013

Homemade Window Cleaner

One of the things I clean the most with at my house is window cleaner.  You know... Windex.  Except I haven't bought actual Windex for years!

I used to follow a favorite blog, Grocery Cart Challenge, but life must have gotten busy for Gayle because I don't think she's posted on her blog since April.  Nevertheless, her wisdom is still helping me every single day.

I use window cleaner to clean my windows, in my house and in my car.  I clean my countertops with it, my doors, my door knobs, my faucets, my sinks.  I sometimes even wet a mop and just spray window cleaner on my tile floor for mopping. 

This recipe SMELLS just like Windex.  It CLEANS just like Windex.  It LOOKS pretty much just like Windex.  The only thing it doesn't do is cost as much as Windex.  Windex costs around $3.50 per bottle.  Mine comes to about $.30.  That's per BOTTLE!

This window cleaner will not streak and works just as good as the store bought stuff.  My husband is the biggest critic when it comes to window cleaner.  He didn't want to admit that my homemade cleaner worked just like HIS Windex, but he ran out of the real stuff one day when he was cleaning the windows on his truck so he used MINE.  He was sold!  Works like charm!  I don't know about you but if I can save money and use things I normally already have in my pantry, I'm doing it!

Here's how I make homemade window cleaner AT HOME MY WAY: 
Homemade Window Cleaner
  • 1 empty spray bottle (your old Windex bottle if you want)
  • 1/8 cup White (clear) Ammonia
  • 1/4 cup Isopropyl Alcohol
  • 1 small squirt of dish soap (I use Dawn)
  • Water

Put the Ammonia in the bottle  (you could use a permanent marker to mark the Ammonia level on your bottle for filling next time).  Add the alcohol (again marking that level on your bottle.)  Add a small squirt of liquid dish soap and fill the bottle with water.  Shake good. 

You're done.

Now go clean something and just think of all of the money you have saved!

This young man (Roadie) is the reason I have to clean my doors so much.  He and his buddy, the dog (Brandy).  You will be surprised how much this cleaner even smells like the real thing!  It's okay Roadie and Brandy.  I love you even if you keep my doors smudged!

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