Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Last Night's Leftovers - Super Soup & Noodles

One of my favorite bloggers at The Tasty Cheapskate (she had me at the title of her blog), did a post on re-using leftovers to create dinner.  She comments about a show the Food Network did on large scale wasting of food.  Jeanie noted that she would like to see a show on the Food Network where the chefs take everyday leftovers and create something wonderful.  I agree!  I actually love the Food Network.  But, definitely a show featuring down to earth solutions to every day problems (feeding the family with food in the fridge) would be a great for people like us.

Jeanie posted on Leftover Tuesday how she took some spaghetti sauce, bacon, cream, and spaghetti pasta to created supper (Baked Spaghetti) for her family.  It looked super yummy!  I think our mothers and grandmothers have always recreated with what they had to put food on the table.  I remember my mom making many a "rice pie" with leftover rice in the fridge, which was a baked rice pudding that we ate for dessert.  However, I do think this could become a lost art with our generation's reliance on processed, premade foods. 

I decided to join in and see what I could come up with to create supper with some leftovers I had in my fridge.  Now, my pictures are not wonderful.  The lighting was bad in my kitchen last night.  Its so dark when I get home, but if I turn on all the lights, the pictures are worse.  But, you can at least see that it looks yummy and it WAS!

My inspiration was found in one of those ads for Chunky canned soup.  You know the ones where the guy dumps his soup over noodles or rice to create a meal?  Well, I had some soup (my favorite garlic-y hamburger soup, which I will post the recipe for tomorrow) and I had some wide egg noodles.  So, dinner was served!  It tasted like a combination of pepper steak / vegetable soup.  This meal was very satisfying and I will certainly serve this again.  Leftover noodles will never again go to waste in my fridge.  And, since I grew up in the south and biscuits were every day fare, one of my favorite "sides" is toasted leftover biscuits.  They are just so crunchy and buttery.  Yum!  I had alot on my plate already, but who could resist those little crunchy babies!  Mmmmmm mmmm good!

Here's how I made Last Night's Leftovers (Super Soup & Noodles) AT HOME MY WAY:

Here are the has-beens:

Note that I've already taken leftovers out of this dish.  Just a little bit was left.  It might have gone to waste if I hadn't seen post at The Tasty Cheapskate!

A little bit of wide egg noodles were left from Monday night's David Letterman's Chicken.

I usually always have some leftover biscuits.  These were from Monday night.  The recipe is here.

Ta-da!  The feast!

One more pic to show the toasty biscuits.  I just split them, butter them, and place in the broiler until toasty!

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  1. Brilliant leftover meal. And my mom used to make a rice pudding from our leftover rice for dessert also. I'll have to get something like that up on Leftover Tuesday for sure.



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