Monday, July 18, 2011

Pics of the Sweet & Sour Pasta Salad

This is the very best pasta salad EVER!  It is not made with mayo so it can stand the heat better than other dishes you might take to a BBQ or picnic.  I get the most requests for this recipe!  I posted the recipe for this dish here, but wanted to add these pictures because it is so beautiful. 

Sweet & Sour Pasta Salad (a/k/a Peggy Jean-ish Pasta Salad)

I mix up the dressing in a quart canning jar and heat to boiling in the microwave, but you can heat it on the stove if you like.


This recipe will be a great one to include all of those fresh garden vegetables coming in hot and heavy now... (tomatoes, red onion, cukes & bell pepper)



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