Thursday, June 30, 2011

My Garden

Last year I was a little discouraged with my garden.  Well... not just my garden.  I was SO EXCITED about the garden and then my work day increased.  I was leaving the house 30 minutes earlier than normal and getting home an hour later than normal (my husband and I started carpooling together) and that really cut into my day.  I was just exhausted trying to keep the bare minimums done at home and the garden suffered.  Plus, we got completely taken over by squash bugs.  Our favorite garden vege of all times is yellow squash and we didn't get a single one.  Squash vine borers!  Need I say more? 

I have lots of stuff crammed into my garden.  I planted two rows of greenbeans (bush) from 3 packets of seeds and only 1 packet of seeds grew so I've replanted.  I use a cattle panel to make an arbor and I have cucumbers growing on there.  They are so much easier to pick that way.  I love growing pinto beans and I have them growing on all available fences around the garden.  I have tomatoes, onions, peppers, squash, delicata (first time to get them to grow and keeping my fingers crossed), sunflowers, marigolds, a few beets, radishes, a pumpkin vine, and I actually have some cantelope growing on a trellis that is doing pretty good.  Here are some pictures.  Kind of dark, but I love looking at other people's gardens and so I'm posting mine.   Happy gardening! 

This is the whole garden.  Not very big and cramming it full!

Green beans - only two half rows came up (my luck!).

Cucumbers growing on the cattle panel.  Easier to pick that way.

Lots of pinto beans!

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  1. pinto beans? Great idea. Next year I want to plant a lot more beans.



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