Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Fresh Breakfast - Homemade Yogurt Parfaits

Last night we had leftovers for supper (leftover BBQ chicken).  So that meant I had a little time to make some granola.  I LOVE those yogurt parfaits you get at McDonalds.  I especially loved them when they gave you the BIGGER serving!  Now, I almost need to order two because one just doesn't do it for me.  But, better than buying those things, I have now mastered making them AT HOME MY WAY!

Homemade Yogurt Parfaits
  • Homemade Perfect Granola
  • Vanilla Yogurt (sometimes I make homemade yogurt, sweeten with a little sugar and add vanilla) but other times I prefer Yoplait regular (not fat free) vanilla yogurt.  Its JUST LIKE the yogurt in the partfaits at McDonalds
  • Fresh Strawberries
  • Frozen blueberries (I bought all they had on the clearance rack ($.99 each) in fresh produce and put them in a big bag in my freezer)

Find yourself a pretty bowl.  I got these cute bright green bowls at my favorite thrift store (called Savvy Seconds) for $1.00/4.  Dump your yogurt in the bowl.  Top with some sliced strawberries and a handful of frozen blueberries (or fresh, I just like the blueberries frozen), and then a scoop of that delicious Homemade Perfect Granola.

This is a perfect way to make something at home that you would normally eat "out".  Its fresh, its cheap, and it has no hidden ingredients.  Oh!  And the granola isn't so hard that you risk chipping a tooth!  :)


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