Friday, February 4, 2011

This is what I do during a blizzard!

To ward off the "blues" during our BLIZZARD OF 2011 (18 inches of snow... the entire interstate was closed from St. Louis to KC), I made this cool bread! I call it rainbow bread. I made some for a bake sale they were having at church. The last time I sold it at a farmer's market it was the first thing to go. Even my high schooler loved taking PB&J on this!

I used the recipe for my sandwich bread and dyed each batch a different color (I mixed gel dye into the yeast/water portion of my recipe) and then proceeded from there. When the dough was ready (I did mine in the bread machine throughout the day), I divided each batch of dough into fourths, rolled out each fourth and stacked three colors together (with varying colors on the outside). Rolled like for a cinnamon roll and plopped it in a sprayed loaf pan. It rose for about an hour and then I baked it for 30 minutes as in the recipe. They turned out so cute and if you have to make a great gift for a young person "on the cheap" or something to sell at a bake sale - this is it!

P.S. If you were making rolls for any of party (I'm thinking orange/purple-Halloween; red/white/blue for the 4th of July; red/green-Christmas), this would be great for even dollar rolls. What a way to liven up a sandwich!


  1. It would be awesome if you had time to make a tutorial for this for us non-experienced bakers. I love this idea!

  2. This sounds like a good reason to make this bread (a tutorial). The next time I have a rainy day-baking day (hoping the big snows are over for the year), I promise to do just that. I believe I made three separate batches of bread (so I made three rainbow loaves), adding the coloring to the liquid ingredients. I divided each batch of dough into equal thirds, flattened a disc of dough, layered the doughs and rolled like a fat log as for cinnamon rolls. Placed the rolled fat lot in the loaf pan, and let it rise. (If this helps until I can do a step-by-step). I think I layered each loaf with a different range of color so that each loaf was different. I love to give these to my friends who have kids. They get a kick out of making sandwiches with rainbow bread.) I think you could also use orange/purple for Halloween, red/green for Christmas, etc.



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