Friday, June 4, 2010


My two girls always loved to go "picking in the pea patch" beside my parents' home in Florida. Although, the peas we picked in Florida are conch peas or purple hulls. The girls use to get so hot and sweaty when we were picking peas.

One summer they decided to pick peas for money. The owner of the "you pick" offered that he would pay the $5 for a 5-gallon bucket of peas. Well, a 5-gallon bucket is a lot of peas. Their granny and I picked and picked, and the two girls picked and picked, and those girls were black with granny beads, sweat, and dirty little feet when we got finished (as I'm sure we were). We fought bugs and glaring sun to get finished with their bucket. Sure wish I had brought a camera for a picture of those girls picking peas. I just didn't know that the time would fly so fast!

Not only did they like to pick peas, but they loved to shell peas. We all piled up on the porch with our pots and paper bags, and shelled peas off and on the whole time we were there. Yes - they were worth it. You cannot find conch peas in Missouri and those peas and Sonny's BBQ were two of our favorite things to eat while we were there.

Well... now the girls are almost all grown up. The older one is now 22 and she would definitely not be caught out in the garden picking peas, that's for sure! The younger is 17 and she still likes to pick some peas.

So, we planted english peas in our Missouri garden on March 26, 2010. Mom and Dad have since moved back to Missouri so the three of us were out in the garden last night picking us some peas!

I want to "try" (at this point I'm idealistic) to weigh our harvest this year to see what our little garden in suburbia can produce. Last night we picked 2 lb 14 oz of english peas. They are in my fridge waiting on time for shelling.

Hurry up weekend! We've got some peas to shell!

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