Thursday, April 23, 2015

Sewing Beach Bags

Even big girls need Easter baskets and this year I made my girls a couple of fun Beach Bags to hold their treats.  

I'm not going to include a pattern.  Just a link to this great used 2004 pattern book that I bought at Amazon:

You can find it on Amazon HERE!

A friend of my older daughter had one of these bags that her mother made for her to use as a diaper bag.  The body of the bag is quilted and it has pockets galore.  I knew it would make a fun project and a perfect beach bag for summer.  I begged and pleaded for my daughter's friend to ask her mom where she got the pattern.  She sent me a picture of the book and I searched Amazon until I found it.  I don't believe it is in print anymore, but the directions are easy and the book was cheap.

You start by cutting all of the pieces out and quilting the main body of the bag.  I had never done any quilting, machine or otherwise, but I figured it out with no problems. On the aqua bag, I actually drew lines on the lining fabric so I knew where to sew, but for the pink one, I just free styled it, and it turned out just fine!

Here's a closeup of the quilting:

A friend and I noticed after I showed the bags to her that they were completely reversable.  I used cheap bath towels from Walmart for my lining.  Terry cloth at the fabric store is about $10 per yard and this was a much cheaper way to get terry cloth for less $$.

I had the gray fabric and some old batting in my fabric stash so I just had to buy the accent fabrics for the pockets.  

I really think they turned out nice.  As nice as any Vera Bradley bag, if I do say so myself!  I hope to add a few extras like bikini bags (made from PUL for wet bathing suits) and sunglass cases, but I haven't gotten those done yet.  I was just glad to get these finished in time for Easter morning.

My girls were thrilled and I can't wait to make myself one!  Thinking I'll use black fabrics and black thread for the quilting.  Fun-fun!  These were really fun and super rewarding to make!  I can't wait to make more of them!




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