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Sunday Game Plan - 6/1/14

On Sundays, I generally spend some time getting ready for the week ahead.  I hang my sheets on the clothesline, clean out the fridge, finish any odd ball laundry that might be needed and assess the items I have in my pantry for a menu plan.  I also try to prepare some items for the week's breakfasts, lunches, snacks. I've noticed that if I don't have something handy, I'm terribly tempted by such things as McDonalds, Pizza Hut delivery, blizzards from Dairy Queen, packages of Oreos from Walmart, or candy bars.  I never like to go to bed on Sunday nights without knowing what options I have for breakfast and lunch.  Mondays are hard enough without leaving the house empty handed.

We had some beautiful weather in mid Missouri this past weekend and I was tempted to spend most of the day outside, but I managed to throw a few things together for the upcoming week.

Here's my Sunday Game Plan - 6/1/14 at AT HOME MY WAY:

Sunday Game Plan - 6/1/14

  • The first thing I did that morning was that I took some hamburger out of the freezer for Sunday supper.  I had spaghetti on my mind.  Later in the afternoon I started a pot of Homemade Spaghetti Sauce.  I just cooked hamburger for the sauce (didn't make meatballs) and cooked the sauce on top of the stove until thick.  I served the sauce with hot, buttered spaghetti pasta, and used some leftover, stale hotdog buns to make garlic toast.
  • I baked some homemade chocolate cookies using THIS RECIPE:

  • I made some Homemade Chicken Salad using a similar recipe to my Homemade Ham Salad.  I just cooked a couple of pieces of chicken in a skillet, covered, with a small amount of water, let the water cook out until the chicken was browning and fully cooked.  Then chopped the meat in my little chopper and mixed with mayo and lots of sweet relish.  I hope to add grapes, celery, eggs in the future, but this is all I had an in its present state this chicken salad will be a great addition to my lunch bag:

  • While I was looking around on my favorite blogs, I saw a recipe for a Tart Lemon Icebox Pie.  Doesn't icebox pie just sound like something wonderful to have for summer desserts?  It is yummy but I want to do a little tweaking before I post the recipe:  

  •   I also cleaned out my fridge and tried to organize my freezer a little bit.  I had about three scoops of ice cream left in a container in my freezer, so I decided to take a couple of the chocolate chip cookies and make chocolate chip icecream sandwiches with them.  I've always wanted to make these but the work involved in making the cookies and then assembling the icecream sandwiches seemed like a bunch of work to do all at once.  It wasn't!  Since I had the cookies on hand already, these were a breeze to put together.  I'm also going to remember this little idea any time I have little bits of icecream and/or cookies that are just about to go stale.  These look so yummy and I am sure they will keep me out of Dairy Queen:

  • I decided the last time I threw away a whole crisper full of broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, and cucumbers that the next time I bought fresh vegetables, I would go right home and CUT IT UP.  We love fresh vegetables at our house but who likes to have to make all that mess when you are looking for a healthy snack?  I came right home from the store, cut up the vegetables, and mixed up some dip using this Homemade Ranch Mix.  I also discovered the key to making good dip.  Get a good, quality sour cream!  It makes all the difference.  I bought Daisy brand:

There are a few things I DIDN'T get done.  I wanted to make some Homemade Yogurt, but that didn't make the cut.  Also wanted to make a loaf of Homemade Sandwich Bread, but didn't get that done either.  Ah well... tomorrow is another day!

So far I have leftover spaghetti and sauce, veges and dip, cookies, ice cream, a pie, some deli turkey, roast beef, and cheeses for sandwiches.  My freezer is full of meat; I have basic pantry ingredients like flour, sugar, eggs.  I have no excuses for eating yummy stuff at home. Truly I am richly blessed!



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