Thursday, December 29, 2011

Countdown - Main Dish Favorites

One of my favorite blogs (Finding Joy in My Kitchen) is having a Countdown to 2012 - Main Dish Favorites.  I'm just catching the tail end of this countdown but I do have a few main dish favorites for 2011. 

I made a terrific discovery in 2011.  I discovered that I can BAKE spaghetti sauce.  Yep!  It can be done.  It bakes in the oven like roast & potatoes.  Turns out thick and rich, and the best part?  No toiling at the stove.

#2 Nachos for a Crowd (recipe from Homemaking on the Homestead)

I tried a new recipe which would be a great addition to any potluck. To us, it is very similar to Nachos Bell Grande at Taco Bell. Very yummy! I use my own precooked pinto beans (frozen) but it could be made with canned refried beans or any canned bean you prefer.

#3 Best Homemade Pizza Crust Ever!  Homemade Pizza Rocks!

I make my pizza crust using the 5 Minute a Day Bread recipe.  I learned of this recipe from an article in Mother Earth News.  But, the authors have several terrific books.  I make everything from hot pockets to crusty bread, and even english muffins with this easy, simple recipe for dough that I can keep in the fridge up to two weeks!  Supper is never far away with pizza dough in the fridge.

I have made lots of other yummy meals in 2011.  Actually, it was quite fun seeing them all.  I made new and old recipes like:
Many thanks to Finding Joy in My Kitchen for leading me in this journey!  Definitely my cooking has improved!  Lots of good meals were eaten at my house this year and I shall keep on cookin'!


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